Bigsea Marcom in Gabon wood 2018

Bigsea Marcom in Gabon wood 2018

Gabon Wood, Woodworking & Forestry Show. Which is taking place on 20-22 June 2018 (today), offers everyone chance to meet wood, woodworking and forestry professionals, develop ideas for increasing the range and quality of their business, and learn new techniques and sources of supply. And Bigsea team is attending the 2018 Gabon show so that it can share the information about latest industry trends, technologies and innovative products with the readers. In this 3 days event, Bigsea Marcom has got the opportunity to meet with industry specialists and got closer to the veterans of the wood industry.

Gabon wood is the best platform for creative ideas and new technologies, and showcase innovative resources that would lead to lucrative transactions. It is a bustling business hub with rapid development and expansion. It is the ideal place for the global wood industry to meet. The exhibition would display the latest products and innovations in the wood and forestry industry in the region.

Gabon has an ambitious vision in the forest-wood sector by 2025:

"Make Gabon a world leader in certified tropical timber, driven by an innovative industry, fully valuing the forest under sustainable management, carbon sinks and biodiversity sanctuary "Wood is one of the 21-century building materials par excellence inexpensive, sustainable, renewable and energy efficient. These innovations in wood offer the opportunity to revolutionize the market of building materials and housing in Gabon, in terms of cost and efficiency, offering new opportunities to the local wood industry (doors, windows, cladding). The same potential can be found in the regional market, where demographic change, increasing urbanization and the development of the middle class will create considerable habitat needs and increased market opportunities for processed timber."

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