9 years old Ajnaa Dvivedi launched her book today – The Adventures of Anvi

9 years old Ajnaa Dvivedi launched her book today – The Adventures of Anvi

During lockdown, children were bored due to limited activity. This was not the case for the young author and fiction writer Ajnaa Dvivedi. She was full of ideas and could not wait to start writing her first book – The Adventures of Anvi. The book is published and launched today at the publisher’s website of

Published by Bigsea Marcom (I) Pvt Ltd, with more than 20000 words in 120 pages, Ajnaa Dvivedi is probably the youngest female writer of a novella in India! The line illustrations are also done by her.

A year back, she had requested her mother to gift her mini-blogging page where she can pen down her thoughts and share with the world. That was the starting of Ajnaa's writing. She is an avid reader who loves to be called a 'bookbird' instead of the usual 'bookworm'. Though most of her book was complete during the lockdown and beginning of unlock period in New Delhi, a lot of finishing work and illustrations needed her time when the school started. Her father did not like the way she was staying awake at night and getting late to get up in the morning. Ajnaa says, "I felt bad to get scolded but it is for my good. With this book, I will make Papa feel proud of me."

The fiction, 'The Adventures of Anvi - not an ordinary beginning' is the story about struggles, love, hope, and friendship. Ajnaa has dedicated this book to animals of the world who are as much as part of this planet as we are. 

Talking about her characters her eyes brighten up.
“There are some main characters and lots of interesting supporting characters. Some of the names are Madam Moosha, Agent Max 007, Terror, Chukchuk, Shadow and more. I think you will fall in love with Anvi and her friends. Some are directly inspired from my real pet friends. I have shown their real photos too.”

One step away from a full-fledged novel, it is about a little alien girl who rises from being different & disliked to being strong & confident. The story takes the readers through different instances & characters to tell that we cannot do great things without taking responsibility. Love makes the world go round. It is also about pain & loss.

The author Ajnaa Dvivedi has created the plot around the possibility. Intense characterisation is seen in The Adventure of Anvi. It is like a peep into the imaginary world of children where possibilities are greater than pain. The description of this book ends with, 'Will Anvi be able to keep her promise?'

Ajnaa Dvivedi's book promises to make the readers want for more. She says, "I have worked very hard to write this book during lockdown. I wanted to make it possible for a 9-year-old to do so. I think children would love to read books written by children. It is about our world, in our way. Do read my book."


About Ajnaa Dvivedi

About Ajnaa Dvivedi

Ajnaa Dvivedi is a nine years old girl from New Delhi who studies in the fifth standard. She is an avid reader who has a large collection of books. She writes her daily diary and has a page in a blogging site too. Since a child, she would often accompany her mother to different events and listen to inspiring stories. While reading books, she sometimes wondered why she cannot pen down her thoughts and write a book. One day she asked this question to her mother during the lockdown period. He mother instantly replied, "You can do anything you are passionate about." That led to the beginning of this book 'The Adventures of Anvi'. 


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